An illustration of Faintly Macabre, the witch from the Phantom Tollbooth (1970). She's an elderly lady with white hair wearing a blue robe and a pink princess-style hat with a purple band. She is gesturing to medieval style text that says 'Faintly Macabre.'

Hello! Welcome to the landing page!

This site was hand coded with love, many MANY DDG searches, VSCode, and Firefox at 1366x768px. It is best viewed on desktop, but should be at least navigatable on mobile.

Please assume that there are flashing images and moving GIFs on every page of my site. There are three exceptions: this page, my resources page, and Around the Internet Today. Both of the latter pages are meant to be used as, well, resources and are going to be kept as accessable as possible to reflect that. All three of these pages should also be more mobile-friendly than the rest of the site.

This site will mark my first time using ALT text, so please be patient with my attemps. I'll get better with time and practice. I'm also implimenting it bit by bit, so it may take some time for the entire site to have it.

I am an adult. Please assume--nay, expect me to use adult language and talk about adult topics. Potentially triggering topics will be appropriately labled, but I can't guarentee the overall content of every site I link to. Surf with caution!

Go ahead and click on the castle to enter my site!

An illustration of a castle. The castle is colored with a blue to purple to pink gradient. The image was found on the site Bonibel's Graphics.

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